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Chicken Miso Ramen with Pak Choi


I’ve been in love with ramen and miso since I went to Japan and got to eat lots and lots of different variations from all over the country.

This recipe has a few different parts but it’s pretty quick to put together, so clear some space and focus!

Serves 2.


2 Chicken Breasts

2-3 Pak Choi

1 cup Sweetcorn (canned or frozen are both fine)

2 Eggs

2 cups Chicken Stock

2 tbsp Miso Paste

Dried Ramen/Egg Noodles

Sesame Seeds

10 Shiitake Mushrooms (Dried and rehydrated both work)

Soy sauce


Hard boil the eggs (10 minutes in a saucepan on a high temperature).   Cool them down, peel them, slice them as thinly as you can and put to the side.

Prepare 2 cups of chicken stock.

Slice the shiitake mushrooms (discard the stalks) and put aside.

Cut the chicken breasts into bite-size piece.

Fry the chicken over a medium heat until they start to brown (about 5 minutes).

Add the shiitake mushrooms and fry for another couple of minutes.

Pour in the chicken stock and sweetcorn.  Simmer for 5 minutes.

Now’s the time to start cooking your noodles in water, according to the packet’s instructions.

Add the pak choi to the simmering soup (yeah, its massive but it will shrink) and cook for another 5 minutes.

Add the miso paste to the soup and whisk in with a fork.  Taste and add more miso/salt/pepper to taste.

Drain your noodles, put into bowls and top with the soup, chicken, pak choi etc.  Add the sliced egg on top.

Drizzle soy sauce over the eggs and then sprinkle some sesame seeds on top of everything.



  • Naga Penmetsa

    Have you killed your Chicken to make that?

    • adminlaver2k

      You’re so mean! Though Juggs would make a lot of bowls of ramen. Hmmmm.